“On the Other Side” Lyric Video

I find a lot of purpose in teaching and mentoring musical theater students. One of the biggest struggles I see with these talented, young hopefuls is the need to constantly compare themselves to others. Social media has taught our next generation to base their worth off of how many likes they get and the number of friends they have. Being inundated with beautiful pictures of beautiful people doing beautiful things, posting success after success, inevitably feeds insecurity. And then I realized, as I became an outsider, the comparisons, what I saw online and received through social media, fed into my own securities – I was guilty of the exact same thing – both in what I posted and how I compared myself to others. It’s so easy to envy someone else’s seemingly perfect life… but who knows what that person is actually going through? What are the difficulties and insecurities lurking in their mind and heart? So, how do we learn to be grateful for the life we have been dealt, while also having empathy for the secret hardship that even the most picture-perfect person is likely hiding? That became the inspiration for this song.

Written by: Laura Osnes and Aubrey Toone
Produced by: Jeremy SH Griffith
Mastered by Berlin at The Loft Studio LA
Footage captured by: Nathan Johnson
Lyric video produced by: Christopher L.A. Meek